Peter C. Blum’s Webpage

I am a professor, author, poet, blogger, and sometimes other things when I’m able to get away with it. I teach sociology, philosophy, and religion at Hillsdale College in Michigan (USA).  This page is to serve as a sort of headquarters (and why not heartquarters too?) for my online “presence,” or personae, hopefully making it possible for others to “meet” me, “follow” me (in the current innocuous online sense), or stay “in touch” with me.

Editors have rightly chastised me for using quotation marks too much.  I also frequently use “air quotes” when I’m talking.  But this is not just the common mistake of using them for emphasis (I do that with italics, or sometimes bold or ALL CAPS).  Rather, it shows that I very often suspect that the words I’m using are problematic in various ways.

Views expressed on this webpage and blog are not necessarily even my own, let alone those of any organization or group with which I am associated.